Discovery Agency

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."

We agree. So just a quick intro before you see what we do. We swim with sharks. Create with Oprah. Run with Bigfoot hunters, play with puppies and eat sketti with Honey Boo Boo. We go from Alaska to Australia and the stuff we come back with is seen literally all over the earth. We're out to revolutionize how in-house agencies are perceived. Seems fitting since we work in DC (a little swampy, plenty swanky). Interested? Check us out and drop us a line.


OWN Brand Shoot

Discovery Brand Shoot

TLC Brand Shoot

TLC Brand Shoot

Puppy Bowl

Finding Bigfoot Photoshoot

Sons of Guns Photoshoot

Joe Kenda Photoshoot

Animal Planet Dog Show

TLC Brand Shoot

Treehouse Masters

Mountain Monsters

The Haves And The Have Nots Photoshoot

TLC Brand Shoot